Vyvanse Patient Assistance Program

What is VYVANSE (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) capsules CII Patient Assistance Program?

Having financial trouble? Can’t afford your VYVANSE prescription medication for you or a loved one? Shire Cares is a US Patient Assistance Program designed to help those in need.

Shire Cares is a patient assistance program made possible by the drug manufacturer SHIRE US INC,. This program was developed to help those who can’t afford Shire medications, like VYVANSE, to get the help they need to obtain their prescription.

How To Get Free VYVANSE Prescriptions

You may be able to get free VYVANSE prescription medication, if you qualify, from the Shire Cares patient assistance program. The general household income qualifications they list are as follows:

     People in Household
Maximum Household Income (total yearly)
            1 person
            2 people
            3 people
            4 people
            5 people

You can find more information on Free Prescrioption Vyvanse and to see if you qualify at